Cry a Little 1


“Write for me
What I can’t say.”
That was her request.
It left a lot of room for me,
Especially when she added:
“You’ll know just what it is
For you can’t say it either.”
The hurts accumulated
From many sources
Leave wounds
That seem unhealable;
The pain that carries
From day to day
Brings words
That can’t be said;
The agonies that fill our hearts
From ever feeling good
Send out cries
That no one hears
Because we cannot say them.
I’ll write for her
What I can’t say
And hope that you will hear it,
For if it goes
Too long unheard
Time will never heal it.

              Kathi Phillips


I don’t know all the facts,
But I do know your pain.
I have felt such pain myself:
The despair that life will never change,
The loneliness and hopelessness
hat leads to suicide attempts.
The causes may be different,
But the pain is the same.
I broke a leg,
You broke an arm,
But our pain is the same:
Caused by a broken life
That we know not how to heal.
I pray for one I do not know
Whose pain has been felt by me.
Please know there is hope.
In time and with time
All hurts do heal.

                Kathi Phillips


My world has crashed again,
Hopes and dreams are dashed too thin
As I call, “Abba Father,
Father hear my plea.”
And I cry, “Abba! Father!
Father hear my cry.”

My cries appear unheard
As my heart remains unstirred,
So I cry, “Abba Father,
Father hear my cry.”
And I call, “Abba! Father!
Father answer me!”

My plea has weakened much
As I seek God’s loving touch.
Still I cry, “Abba Father,
Hear me, hear my call.”
And I cry, “Abba! Father!
Hear me, hear my cry!”

                 Kathi Phillips


I tried so hard to find the key
That would open up to me
The door to popularity.
But the more I tried to find
The more I had to hide behind
The lie that said I did not mind.
I was different from my peers;
And though the price was much too dear
I played it so it would appear
As if I didn’t really care
About my seeming lack of flair.
Still I thought it quite unfair
That I should have to hide behind
A lie that said I did not mind
Living in a world so blind
As to forget what life can be
Without some popularity
For a child who cannot see
That life can offer so much more
Going through some other door.

                              Kathi Phillips


Hurt, distress, despair
In situations unchanging;
Pain, anger, depression
While circumstances continue:
This is the life we see.
We become too busy tending
To our many wounds
To see the loving Healer
Standing at our side;
We are so focused
On mending countless hurts,
We fail to notice beside us
The wounded and risen Healer.

                            Kathi Phillips


Today never ending,
Tomorrow ever coming:
Caught in the trap
Of time standing still.
What used to be
Now still the same;
What could have been
Never becoming.
No sameness remains
Yet nothing changes–
Caught in the time
Of traps standing still.

            Kathi Phillips