Lighten a Troubled Heart 2


Broken, despised, rejected–
Pain fills your emptied heart.
You search for wholeness
In many ways and places
To find only more of the same.
Despised, rejected and broken–
Emptiness pains your lonely heart,
Seeking in groups or books
Help for your hurting life.
In trying to do it all yourself
You neglect one simple truth:
You cannot bypass Jesus
If you’re seeking true health.


We face many troubles
Which threaten oft
To overwhelm us.
We grumble, fear and complain
That the difficulty
Is much too big to handle.
We pull the covers up
And refuse to greet
Another troubled day;
We close our eyes and mind,
Denying that wrong assaults
Our complex lives.
We need many reminders
Of a simple truth
We can cling to
When circumstances overwhelm:
We are not alone–
For God is big enough
To face all our troubles!

                Kathi Phillips


It isn’t for a person’s praise
That I choose to serve the Lord;
I didn’t get into this life
For an award I might receive;
I do not sow these seeds
For reward in future days.
I did not get into it
For what I will get out of it;
Rather I do what I do
Because of what I already have–
I do it because the Lord
Has had an impact in my life
That I cannot but pass on.

                Kathi Phillips


She issued a challenge to change
That we could openly choose:
Stick with the image
From the haunting past;
Or open our Bibles,
Thus meeting God at last.
She shared what she had learned,
And the depths of our errors
Before us silently flashed;
For God so seldom matches
Our images from the past.
He is not what our parents were
Nor like our spouse today.
He is indeed quite different
From how we picture him.
And if we stop to study
How the Bible describes the Lord
He’ll lovingly alter the picture
As old images finally dim.

                Kathi Phillips


Two in the mud:
A seed and a boat.
One will soon bud,
The other can’t float.
A boat or a seed,
Which describes you
As the mud of need<
Hits your life too?
Do you, as a boat,
In the mud stop?
Or like the seed,
Begin a new crop?

            Kathi Phillips


Carry not the pas
Forward to the future;
The past is over–
Sufficiently finished–
And need not be<
A balance carried forward.
The future stands before us:
A fresh and brand new chance
To begin to live life fully,
Becoming the best we can be.
Habits of the past
Can be broken
As we move into the future
Leaving behind the balances.

               Kathi Phillips