Topics for Readings

You may choose any series from the list as well as the length of time you wish your reading to last. For more information or to schedule a date, contact me at or write to me at:
Kathrine Rae Phillips
8125 Seward Ave Apt 284
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231

Second Chance Given

by God
by friends
by myself
Selections from the
Second Chance Series

Our Response

God tells us
we tell God
Selections from the
Our Response Series

Prayer and Praise

from the heart
from the soul
from the Spirit
Poetic expressions from
the Prayer and Praise

Christmas Memories

share mine
find yours
laugh a little or maybe
just smile
Selections from the
Windows to Christmas

God’s Touch

God touches our lives
in many ways:
wipes the tears,
heals the hurt,
makes us smile.
Selections from the
God’s Touch Series

Christian in Distress

approaching the storm
lost in the storm
after the storm
I know You’re there, God.
(You ARE there??)
Selections from the<
Christian in Distress

Such Love

falling in
falling out
falling under the spell
feeling bad
feeling bad about
feeling good
Selections from the
Such Love Series


a laugh
a tear
a note of cheer
Selections from a
variety of series